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Your Adult Toy Collection

Jun 29,2022 | Lovevib

Sexuality WHAT CONSTITUTES A HEALTHY SEX LIFE? This includes not having too much sexual activity (sex addicted) or having too much (lonely). There must be a mixture of flavors in the affectionate. There's research by The Kinsey Institute in America suggesting that we are in a dual control in our relationship (dual functions vibrators are awesome). Everyone has two pedals: a brake and an accelerator. The way we express affection for another person is a result of how often we use the brakes or accelerator. In excess, either of them will result in a crash or not ever leave our garage. 

If you're lying sleeping with your partner, look into what happens if you hit one pedal. It's a shame and you can overcome it! This is crucial when you think about adult toys. One of the biggest barriers for those who want to live fulfilling sexual lives is shame. Many clients see the sexologist carrying a wheelbarrow full of guilt about their body image as well as their desires, behavior and behaviors. A lot of sexologists suffer from the same feelings! There are many experiences to be shared with your loved one and there's an obligation to get over the guilt. Communicate. The best way to communicate is to begin by saying, "Hey Lover, I'm feeling shame about this certain need, would it be OK if I tell you about it?" Most of the time they'll say "sure" and you can admit that you're annoyed by being "dominated" for instance. When you name the desire, it is often less threatening. Get your partner a remote control sex toys!

 Your partner could think "Hmm I'm not into that but how about we both switch and see how it goes?" Or "Wow! That's what I like as well, let's get it up and running." Whatever the case it can lead to an honest discussion on how you can satisfy each other's needs and then go shopping for the adult toys that will bring it about. Safety is another major problem. There's a great TED speech given by the Dr. Sue Johnson called 'The New Frontier of Sex & Intimacy'. The Dr. Johnson claims that the primary factor that allows individuals to be able to fully enjoy and dive into sexuality is safety. She cites research on the human physiology and says that shows that when we feel safe enough, then we can be open to the pleasures of sexual intimacy. 

She explains that sexual intimacy isn't about exotic poses or sexy scenes using adult sex toys instead, it's about being with someone naked and accepting their nakedness as your own. When we feel secure, we are relaxed and open our bodies, and let all the beneficial neurotransmitters such as dopamine and oxytocin flow freely. This makes us feel great and feel more in touch. Sexual activity is healthy, enjoyable and enjoyable for everyone. It makes us feel happy and help us connect with our loved ones. G-spot stimulators for women are relaxing.