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What to Do When Your Vibes Fall into the Water?

Jun 17,2022 | Lovevib

Maybe you're trying to get off in the shower and your vibrator (App based vibrator or the rose sex toy) accidentally ends up in water. Or maybe you're using it for a long session and need to take a break for some reason, and when you come back, it's been submerged for who-knows-how-long. What should you do?

Either way, the first thing is always to make sure that the vibrating toy is actually still working properly (rather than just charging). Often times when people think their toys are broken or that their batteries have died, they'll discover them working perfectly just by pressing down on the button or turning them on again. If this doesn't fix things for you, try this:

Unplug your device from its charger/power source/other electrical connection if applicable (if not applicable then skip this step)

Check whether or not your toy works now by pressing down on any button(s). If it still doesn't work even after unplugging, move onto step 3!

Hope this article is useful to you!


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