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Waterproof Sex Toys Cheapest

Jan 13,2023 | Lovevib

Lubrication is important for comfort and pleasure during sex. If you’re using a female phone controlled vibrator strong vibration, it’s especially important to use lubrication because your clitoris is more sensitive than the rest of your genitals, so even slight friction can cause irritation that makes it hard to climax. Oil-based lubricants like coconut oil are good options because they don’t irritate the skin and they don't need to be washed off after sex—but they won't stay slippery for very long, so you'll probably have to reapply them throughout the session if you're going at it for a while.Lubricants like silicone or water-based ones with glycerin might sound great for avoiding irritation—but these lubes are also known as "silicone-based" or "water-based," respectively, which means their ingredients all contain silicone or glycerin (or both). Silicone and glycerin are not compatible with remote vibrators in public made from jelly rubber, TPR/TPE or other porous materials; if this happens to be what your toy is made from then it may warp over time (although some manufacturers will state on their packaging whether or not their toy needs special lube).