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Turn on the Rosebud Toys

Sep 18,2022 | Lovevib

Materials and cleaning. Sex toy materials can be divided into four main categories: silicone, metal, glass and wood. Silicone is the most popular material used today because it’s non-porous (meaning it doesn’t harbor bacteria) and phthalate-free. However, egg shaped sex toys need to be treated with care as they can break down over time if they aren’t properly cared for. The best way to prolong the life of your silicone toy is by cleaning it before and after every use with warm water and soap or an antibacterial cleaner such as our own Cleansing Spray Cleaner—just make sure that you don’t leave a residue behind! Metal toys are typically made from aluminum or stainless steel; however some companies such as LELO use medical grade titanium instead which makes their products incredibly strong yet lightweight in comparison. The couple vibrator controlled by phone are very smooth so they're great for those looking for something soft but still firm enough to provide pressure on those sweet spots inside your vagina or anus (if you're interested). Because of this they tend not to vibrate much at all—but luckily there's plenty more options out there too!


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