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To keep the lines of communication open

Feb 07,2023 | Lovevib

For those in long distance relationships, it's important to keep the lines of communication open. You can do this by using apps that make your phone into a remote control for your partner's vibrator. This allows them to feel more connected with you, even when they are far away from you physically.You should also be sure that you're keeping up with intimacy when it comes to sexual activity as well! This doesn't mean that if either one or both partners have a busy schedule and no time for sex, then this isn't important anymore--it just means that there are other ways of staying intimate with one another besides intercourse or oral sex (though those are great options too!). There are plenty of things couples can do together without having physical contact: cuddling closely while watching TV together on the couch; talking about their day over dinner; spending some quality time kissing each other good night before going off into their separate bedrooms...just being close enough so that if either one of them wants something more physical later on during their day/night together again then there will always be an opportunity available later on down the road when things aren't quite so busy yet still filled with excitement at reconnecting after being apart all day long!