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The Sex Tech Industry

Jul 08,2022 | Lovevib

"There's definitely sexist discrimination which limits the industry's progress" -- Ruby Stevenson
It is an expert in sexual health and wellness therapy worker for the The Brook, a charity for sexual health The Brook, believes the insufficient education of women is the reason technology for women is currently on the sidelines. "There continues to be uncertainty about the basics of female sexual anatomy," Stevenson states to Dazed. "It remains a mystery to me that the information available about female ejaculation remains so unclear. This is due to the lack of funds for scientific research in this field, and it is understandable that there is a sexist bias that hinders the progress of the industry". The negative reaction to Lora DiCarlo's Ose The result isn't surprising, in fact, it's rather boring. Double headed vibrators should be the top choice for most new users.
What's been revealed from the #CESgenderbias is additional questions about technology, women and our capabilities in all aspects whether sexual or otherwise. Are the main issues being centered on sexism in women's work in the field of technology, or something to do with the desires of women? The results that have come from this controversy have shown that the issue is a matter of both.
The argument goes that if the heart of technology, which is a forward-looking organization, doesn't reflect the current state of technology and innovation, then any future technological advancements continue to be a result of gender bias. If there's no room or representation of women in tech this could mean that the future technological developments aren't considering women of color and those from an LGBTQIA and people of non-binary origin, people who have disabilities, and most importantly an entirely different view from what's currently available. It's time to find a women vibrator of your own.


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