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Some will move back and forth while others rotate clockwise

Jan 24,2023 | Lovevib

A rose vibrator looks like a flower, but it has several key differences. For one thing, it's usually much larger than the flower you'd find in nature. This is because the petals are designed to move around and stimulate your body in different ways like rabbit vibe. Some will move back and forth while others rotate clockwise or counterclockwise, some with more speed than others. And then there are those that offer different levels of intensity when turned on—some may be very gentle whereas others will be more intense from the get-go.The petals slide up and down along a shaft that extends from a base unit at the bottom of your vibrator (where batteries go). These shafts can vary widely in size as well: some have smaller bases which taper into larger "heads" toward their tips; other models feature wider bases with tapered tops that look more like an elongated cone shape rather than just having flat surfaces all around them like most roses do on Earth!