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Simply hold down the button one more time until you reach the desired level

Jan 25,2023 | Lovevib

The power switch for your rose sucking vibrator is located on its base. You can turn it on and off by holding the button down for three seconds or longer. To increase or decrease the vibration intensity of your toy, simply hold down the button one more time until you reach the desired level.Once you've reached your preferred speed, if you'd like a different pattern of vibrations, hold down the button again until it switches to another setting. The controls max out at ten different settings—you'll know when you hit the last one because they start over at zero where they left off (i.e., "10" would be followed by "1").If necessary, we recommend holding down this button for two seconds at a time as opposed to just tapping it repeatedly; this will ensure accurate control over how fast or slow things go!When you're done using your rose vibe and want to turn it off completely (or put in storage), simply hold down both buttons together: one with each thumb while applying pressure toward yourself with both thumbs' index fingers (this will prevent accidental usage). This may seem like an excessive precaution at first glance but trust us—it's easier than having to dig through drawers looking for batteries all over again!