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Sexual Satisfaction in One Simple Step

Jun 29,2022 | Lovevib

Every year there are thousands of couples who, just like you - want to discover a greater intimacy in their relationships. If you've ever believed that increasing your sexual satisfaction is a huge challenge there's no need to worry. You might have sunk your money into expensive luxurious sex toys or twisted your body into uncomfortable postures, or even left the bedroom. You might have even lied to your partner by faking an exhalation or saying the experience is "good for you, too". Do any of these describe you? If so, it's time to think about a simple question: can the road to a satisfying sexual experience really be that difficult? 

The answer is No. The good news is that taking charge of your sexuality is easy... and so simple it's like the answer has been within your reach all along. You can easily buy a vibrating dildo or a rosebud sex toys from online sex stores. Let's discuss ways to enhance your sexual intimacy by relying on only you your partner, as well as conscious communications. Metamorphic Massage Imagine yourself and your partner are in your living space or in a lush park, or any other location that feels secure and comfortable for both of you. You request your partner to sit before you and tell them that you're going you give them the most relaxing massage they've ever received. Set the timer to 15 minutes, and then tell your partner that you'll finish the massage once the timer is set. Did you get the picture? Good! Here's how you can apply it to your life. Tune into Touch Tell your friend that you'll start the massage by gently placing your hands on their shoulders. Couples vibrator for long distance relationship is right for you.

There is no need to move . Just ensure you have warm hands and gently lay onto their shoulder. If the time is right begin moving your hands over the skin of your companion gently and slowly following the contours of their neck, shoulders, spine and muscles. Be aware of the places that feel tight. Then, think of your spouse. What is their favorite thing? What is the feeling of massage? Instead of believing that you have the answers to these questions, inquire! Here are some questions to help you make your experience more satisfying Are you a fan of faster or more gentle strokes? Would you prefer a gentler or stronger touch? What are the places you enjoy being the most? What do you feel when I massage you this way? Would you like you to have me massage the back of your neck? While you massage, be sure to be aware of the body of your companion. If you can feel the body relax under your hands, the method seems to be effective. 

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