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Sexual Desires with Toys

Aug 25,2022 | Lovevib

Society still has a lot of work to do with regards to sex. It's easy to look at the shift in attitudes over the last decade and think that we're making progress, but there's still a lot of work left to be done. In particular, societal norms about women's sexuality are changing slowly. The norms are not always based on fact—you probably know this already if you've ever been told that you can't wear white after Labor Day (or after any day), or that having your period means you're unclean or unworthy at best, evil at worst. Societal norms aren't always fair: you may have heard it said that men prefer having sex with virgins and g spot massager because they're "cleaner" and therefore better for their wives; others say it's bad for women to be too sexually experienced because then they won't be able to properly channel their emotions into raising kids or something like that (I'm not sure what exactly). Even when they do have some truthfulness behind them, societal norms can often do more harm than good by reinforcing gender inequities: telling women what they should want out of life creates a culture where men feel entitled over women's bodies while discouraging women from pursuing their own dreams by using clit sucking toy because those dreams don't align with what society expects from them as gendered beings.


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