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Sex Story of A Stranger Story One

Jun 27,2022 | Lovevib

I also enjoy using a couple vibrator with remote. Afternoon sex is great, but we both work during the day, so that’s not the easiest to accomplish. Any help is appreciated. — Really Into Sex Early

I’ve encountered this issue in the past as well. And while no “perfect” solution exists — it’s unlikely that your partner will magically begin to like morning sex or vice versa — a series of imperfect compromises are at your disposal. They involve: Switching off. This involves each of you “taking one for the team” and getting it on when you’re groggy, and then switching to nights/mornings for the benefit of the other person. This way, you’re both getting laid, and don’t have to feel like one of you is “sacrificing” every time for the sake of the other. Hidden vibrators add so much fun.

Early evening sex. Since afternoon sex is a struggle with your work schedules, try boning in the early evenings, like 30-45 minutes after the work day is done. It’s a nice way to unwind, connect and then indulge in blissful burrito delivery for your post-sex munchie high. Lazy sex option.

Lastly, and this can be done in conjunction with switching off, you might try the “lazy sex” approach on mornings/nights when one of you is tired/not feeling it. This involves being the more inactive/passive partner and/or keeping sex to a minimum, time-wise and energy-wise. So, no epic marathons involving multiple positions or stamina. This is not the time to perfect the Anxious Manatee! I’m talking side-by-side handies while lying down, mutual masturbation seshes, getting an assist from a toy or vibrator, and so on. Vaginal g-spot vibrators stay on my list.

I’ve been sleeping with a FWB for almost two months, and every time we have sex, he spends 95% of the time on my breasts, and ignores every other part of my body. I’m glad he appreciates my boobs, but I’m getting very little out of this. I wanna tell him but I don’t know how? — Too Into Tits Specifically He’s not a friend with benefits if you’re getting no benefits! The next time he texts “u up?” tell him what you need to make this FWB actually work. Practice now so that when you’re in your next longer-term relationship, it’ll be easier to speak up for what you want. You can even say some version of what you said here. “I love that you’re so into my boobs, but I need you to pay more attention to my other erogenous zones if we’re gonna keep f—ing.” Then tell him a few things that help get you off.


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