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Quality Sex Toys

Sep 18,2022 | Lovevib

Before lockdown, I rarely had time to masturbate,' Niamh, from Liverpool, told Grazia during lockdown. 'Now, I get at least two sessions in a day and I love incredible rose sucking toy for ladies. It's not just the orgasms - although they certainly help me feel more productive and relaxed day to day - I feel like i've really improved by relationship with my body and outlook on sex in general. 'I wasn't necessarily ashamed before, but I wasn't very experimental and didn't see masturbating as a priority. Now, knowing how much it can improve my mood and general wellbeing, I feel like it's a vital element of self care.' Niamh isn't wrong, according to Eleanor Mckenzie, editor of couples discreet vibrating sex toy, masturbating releases an incredible cocktail of hormones that improves your wellbeing in a number of ways. Research and anecdotal reports suggest that sexual stimulation, like masturbation, can relieve stress and tension, boost your mood, help you sleep better and improve your sex life by better understanding your wants and needs,' she explains. 'Orgasm causes the release of endorphins, which are known to reduce stress and boost confidence. Also released is serotonin, which is a known antidepressant.'