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Orgasm and genital vibrating Toys

Jul 05,2022 | Lovevib

Further research is required to determine the most effective role of this method of treatment for treating ejaculatory disorders especially in the neurologically healthy male.

For both genders Genital vibration stimulation has been proven to be a highly effective treatment for anorgasmia. Genital vibration stimulation is a typical component of directed masturbation (DM) treatment regimen that is an empirically backed therapy for anorgasmia primary which is confirmed with nine randomized controlled studies reported by

In addition, for females vibrating their genitals, it can boost the capacity of orgasmics. The time between interorgasms can be reduced by training in masturbation

Additionally, research studies indicate the likelihood of women experiencing gastric orgasm (at any time, and in several) when a range of practices and sensations are present ( therefore vibrators, especially one with multiple intensities , or stimulation patterns, could be an effective tool in creating the range of different sensations required to trigger numerous orgasms. Kegel excercises are helpful in releasing pain.

Genito-pelvic pain penetration disorder and genital vibration

However, because of its antinocioceptive capabilities that a vibrator can provide, it has advantages in addition to its function as an Dilator. Vibratory stimulation is recommended for vulvar massage to improve genital desensitization the treatment of vestibulodynia that is provoked). Additionally, vibrational stimulation is the base of an experimental therapy known as the vulvar vibration therapy (VVT). VVT is a targeted form of vibration that can help treat the muscular pain aspect of Vulvodynia. It was studied in an uncontrolled study of 49 patients suffering from the condition of vulvodynia. The women were advised to use the VVT regularly 5-10 minutes daily on the areas that were tender, such as the pelvic floor and the vulva. The women were also advised to utilize the vibrator (g-spot massagers or clitoral vibrators) to aid in gently stretching the vaginal opening, and to eventually insert the vagina. The average duration of VVT was five months, with 3 visits each week, one time daily. The results showed that following VVT 73 percent of women reported experiencing decreased dyspareunia and 74 percent said they experienced an improvement in their sexual pleasure).

Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) in comparison to less frequent (or never) users ( In a similar study, one looking at sexual function in males who use women discreet vibrators also showed greater ratings of sexual desires on self-reported International Indices of Erectile Function (IIEF) for those who had used a vibrator within the last month than the people who had used the device for more than a year before. Also male users of vibrators (within the past month and the past year) have significantly higher sexual desire scores than those who had never used a vibrator (. Naturally, the exact direction of the relationship between use of vibrators.


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