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More comfortable for longer

Aug 19,2022 | Lovevib

Lovevib has clitoral vibrator that offers ten different vibration modes. It's heavier than an average vibrator, so it will be more comfortable for longer-term use. It's also a little bit loud and can be hard to clean because of its shape, but if you're willing to overlook these issues, it might be the perfect toy for you! We have all the top sex toys for couples. The second function is a pulsation function that is activated by pressing the button on the handle of the vibrator for two seconds. This allows for faster and more intense stimulation than normal vibrations. While it does make your hand tingle after using it for a while, this is a great feature if you want something stronger than normal vibrations.Although there are many things we love about this toy, there are some drawbacks as well: The first issue with this product is that it's loud while in use; since I live in an apartment building and have thin walls, sound travels easily through them—so when I'm using remote control vibrating egg for ladies during sex or masturbation time (which happens often!), I have to turn up my music or pretend like I'm not home so no one hears me getting off! You can also tell when someone else has turned theirs on too because their sounds will return through their walls into yours--so if you're already having trouble concentrating on what you're doing because of how loud yours gets during use then maybe consider buying headphones instead?