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manually turn on and off vibrations.

Aug 21,2022 | Lovevib

If you want to increase your arousal and add a new sensory element to your experience, the vibration function is for you. This feature of the female suction sex toy can be accessed by pressing the (+) button.The first time you use this feature, we recommend starting with low vibrations. Each subsequent time that you use it after that will increase the intensity of vibrations until they reach their highest setting. To turn off vibration mode and return to normal operation, press again on this button so that all lights are lit up (except for those in which there are no functions). If a function light stays dimly lit after being turned off or turned back on again, then it means that function is still active but at its lowest level of intensity. If you're wondering whether the toy comes with invisible wear vibrator for women, the answer is yes. It's a helpful feature that allows you to feel each vibration mode more powerfully. To use the vibration function, simply press the power button on your vibrator and select between three speeds: low, medium and high.The first setting is great for gentle stimulation—it's not too powerful but can still be felt throughout the body. The second setting provides moderate stimulation and is better suited for those who want something stronger or if they want to experiment with what feels best for them personally (this setting also makes it easier for users who don't like very intense vibrations). And lastly, there's high speed which offers extra intense vibrations in case you're looking for a more powerful experience!