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Kegel Balls for Your Pelvic Floor

Jul 03,2022 | Lovevib

correspond to periods of changes in estrogen and progesterone levels particularly post-menopausal and post-menopausal. In animals there is an incredibly slowing of vulvar and vaginal innervation during pregnancy, which is in accordance to the requirement to increase the threshold for pain and reduce feelings during the birthing process). After birth the baby, there is a time of rapid growth and adaptation It is likely that the same changes occur in females in the human body, however there are other factors that can influence genital sensitivity, including an increased focus on genital sensations or changes in the somatosensory perception. To this end, numerous studies have revealed changes in sexual arousal as well as pleasure postpartum. For instance In a longitudinal study of 150 women both before and post-pregnancy, about 50 percent of women said their genital sensation returning to levels prepregnancy-like by six weeks postpartum. 20% reported their genital sensation to be higher than pre-pregnancy levels. However, there is no evidence of a the change in clitoral stimulation that is associated with pregnancy. Contrary to the increased level of plasticity that occurs during pregnancy as menopausal women age, reduced estrogens and progesterone levels may reduce the flexibility of female genital innervation.

The pelvic floor is a key aspect of sexual physiology, particularly with regard to vibration. Kegel egg vibrators can help strengthen the part. Genital vibration helps vasodilation and blood flow within the floor of your pelvis. The oscillatory movement of vibration triggers stretching and shortening the noncontractile and contractile components and triggers the tonic vibration reflex through the primary endings that are located in the spindle of muscle . These length variations stimulate not just the muscle spindles but also enhance metabolism. The rise in metabolic rate leads to local vasodilatation and an increase in blood flow ( leading to improved perfusion of tissues, which can aid in reducing the tone of muscles and improving relaxation .

Vibration is a method to stimulate or deter the activation of muscles ( If used to aid in facilitation or stimulation, it can enhance kinesthetic perception for greater volitional activation, or activate the reflex loop to in the beginning of the contraction. The use of vibrations to trigger the muscle contraction can result in improved the mapping of motors and plans, as well as muscle coordination to aid in the strength and relaxation. From an inactive stance, vibration could increase awareness of the areas that are held isometrically to relax muscles, increasing vasodilatation as well as blood flow.


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