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Keep that in mind when ordering one online

Feb 04,2023 | Lovevib

Manual control: The user controls the vibrator manually by pressing or sliding a button or switch.App control: The user can use an app to control their vibrator by touching a screen, speaking into their phone or tablet's microphone, or using gestures (e.g., waving your hand). As long as you have WiFi access and compatible hardware (smartphone or tablet), you're ready to go!Remote control: A remote controller lets you give your partner commands from across the room--or even across town if they have access to WiFi! Just make sure they're not too far away--this type of toy will only work up to about 30 feet away from its base station before losing connection altogether...so keep that in mind when ordering one online ;) If this sounds like something fun for couples playtime then check out our blog post all about remote controlled sex toys here!