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Female Sex Vibrators

Jul 06,2022 | Lovevib

The sex-tech industry almost all the time categorizes toys according to gender, with distinct men's and women's sections. This is a problem for the curious customer as well as the entire industry. When I purchase an item, why should it really really matter which gender I'm in? The makers of sexual toys don't know what's inside my pants. They don't know what's inside your pants, either. However, when they separate toys by gender they're making some shrewd and untrue assumptions regarding the things that is supposed to be included. As much as anyone else the industry of sex toys must be aware that genitals do not necessarily mean gender equality.

The idea of gender distinctions could have been logical a hundred decades ago. But we're in 2022. We know there are men with female vulvas and women who have phalluses. There are those who don't align with gender stereotypes in any way. These people each (surprise and surprise) are genitals, and like to slam it down in a sexual way. There are a lot of people from all over the gender spectrum who be enthralled by toys they do not realize exist, because gendered boundaries hinder them from enjoying.

It's true that I'm a gay transwoman. Before I began trying out sex toys professionally I was a woman with an extremely, lets put it this way, different sexual experience. (Basically I was a slut veteran prior to becoming an expert one.) Based on my experiences there's no such thing as a remote control sex toy which is only for the same gender. Although vibrators and suction toys tend to be targeted towards ladies, they may be utilized by those who suffer from phalluses, anuses and many more. This is also true for products that are typically advertised as male-oriented. Buttholes aren't gender-specific people! The strokers also are also working on clits! Clitoral stimulator can knock your socks off.

A sex toy isn't designed to help you get rid of. They can also be tools allow you to examine your body and figure out what you feel comfortable with. They may help you view your self in a different way or help you regain your personal authority. Tests with new technology in sex have allowed me to appreciate my body, instead of despising things about it that I cannot alter. It is sad to think about other people not having those experiences due to companies' investment in perpetuating outdated gender rules.


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