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FEM Technology Create Great Vibrators

Jul 24,2022 | Lovevib

What is FEMTECHNOLOGY?FEMTECHNOLOGY is a way of thinking about sex and the body that incorporates technology in an empowering way. The first part of that phrase, “femme”, means that it's created by women, for women; but also refers to the femininity in all of us. It highlights that femme people are marginalized by society at large. The second part, “technology” refers to how we can use technology to create new experiences and make our lives better informed and safer when it comes to sex with other people or solo play at home or in public!The next part—modern—means we're stepping away from outdated ideas about sex like "it's dirty" or "it's just for having babies". Instead we want everyone who wants access to pleasure (of any kind) without shame or stigma because there's nothing wrong with wanting something that feels good! We believe everyone deserves respect regardless if they choose celibacy as their lifestyle choice (for whatever reason). WOMEN-LED, INNOVATIVE AND SEXY TECHNOLOGY. We believe that women are not just a target market for women sexual toys. We believe that women have incredible ideas about what might make their experience better. That's why we've developed a product designed around the needs of the people who use it most: you and me! Women-led technology means that our team is comprised entirely of female engineers, designers and industrial designers who have been working together for over a decade to create amazing products like the discreet control app. Our goal is to provide innovative (like women dildo toys that give female G-spot stimulation) technology to empower you in your bedroom playtime as well as your everyday life.Regenerate Content