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All Vibrators Are Made To Be Waterproof

Jun 17,2022 | Lovevib

Actually, all of our vibrators are designed to be waterproof. This makes things easier and more exciting, especially for couples (you may also check our couples vibrators collection and hunt for your fav). It is a great way for them to stay connected even when one of them is taking a shower. In another way, the atmosphere would be sexier. 

Here is another point. It is necessary for women sex toys to be waterproof, the wearable Bluetooth vibrator in particular. The main reason is that women's vaginas generate lots of fluid. If you are using it or wearing a vibe in public and you are reaching orgasms, it should be really disturbing when the vibrator stops working.

It's a common misconception that batteries are not waterproof, but this simply isn't true. Batteries are actually impervious to the elements and will continue to function as long as they have power. The reason this myth has been perpetuated is that most battery manufacturers make their products with waterproofing in mind. This means that if you drop your camera in the ocean, you can still open it up and take pictures with no problems. But if you were to leave your camera out in the rain, it would probably be ruined unless you had an especially good case on it (and even then I wouldn't risk it).

In addition to being waterproof themselves, most batteries also come with seals around their openings so as not to let water seep in through any cracks or holes that might form over time due to normal wear and tear.

With this article written, Lovevib gives you the "waterproof guarantee". You may start your purchase now. Just for your information, our App Controlled vibrators are truly the new trend these days!


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