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Abstract vibrators for women

Jul 03,2022 | Lovevib

But the vibrator wasn't initially intended to be a toy and its advantages go far beyond the realm of a toy. This article is a overview of the evidence available about the benefits of vibratory stimulation as a management of dysfunctional sexual relations as well as relationships and sexual enhancement. The research suggests that vibratory stimulation is supported by scientifically-supported evidence to support the treatment of erectile disorder, anorgasmia and ejaculatory dysfunction. Vibratory stimulation has a positive correlation with increased sexual desire as well as general sexual functioning. It has also been proven to be beneficial in cases of sexual arousal issues as well as pelvic floor problems, which may be relieved by kegel egg sex toys. While there isn't any definitive evidence the possibility of genital vibration as an option for treating sexual dysfunction that is related to a variety of sexual health issues in both genders.


Most health professionals aren't asking about patients' their sexual wellness. One of the main reasons why the question isn't being asked is that health professionals do not believe that there are any simple and effective treatment options that are available ( ). Genital vibration is often ignored, yet beneficial treatment option for sexual dysfunction issues in both males and females.

Vibrators are generally not considered as medical devices by the majority of society. They are often marketed as toys or novelty items and manufacturers rarely require approval or clearance from FDA. US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, vibrators are classed by FDA as medical devices for gynecological and obstetrical use to treat sexual dysfunction, or as an alternative for Kegel exercises . The reason for this classification is that vibrators have been proven to have benefits for sexual health for patients and, according to some reports, were designed specifically for treatment of health issues .

The article below is an overview of the benefits to sexual health of genital vibrations and its application for treatment of sexual dysfunction issues and enhancement of sexual function.


This is a summary of the evidence supporting the use of genital vibratories (women G-spot massager) to enhance sexual function and. Because there is a lack of literature on genital vibrations and its effects on sexual function, a systematic review is not possible. A thorough English-language search across several databases from 1946 until the 23rd of August, 2016 performed which included MEDLINE In-Process and Other Citations that are not listed in indexes and Ovid MEDLINE. Keywords comprised infertility or vibration. The selection of papers was according to experts' clinical knowledge of the authors. A statistical analysis of results was not done.


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