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Genital vibrations and sexual arousal

Jul 05,2022 | Lovevib

Sensory testing in the genital area has found higher thresholds of sensation for women suffering from urinary incontinence and dysfunction in sexual. Female sex toys can help solve the problem, especially Kegel ball vibrators). Atypicalities in genital tests have been observed in approximately twenty percent of the women who suffer from infertility (defined by atypical self-reported scores for FSFI) and also in women with multiple sclerosis. Although vaginal sensitivity in a non-aroused condition decreases as we age the sensitivity of the clitoral region to vibration tends to decline slower. There isn't much information regarding the impact of age on genital sensitivity thresholds in sexual arousal. However, in healthy young women, vaginal and clitoral sensitivities to vibration are significantly greater during the arousal phase (So, absent additional evidence there is a reason to believe that older women might benefit from vibrations in sexual arousal and that clitoral stimulation could be beneficial even when vaginal sensitivity is declining.

In men, erectile disfunction (ED) is an exciting area of interest that vibratory stimulation can help (Penile vibratory stimulation is believed to enhance erectile function by stimulation of the PNs and the cavernosal region and resulting in the release of nitric oxide that stimulates the relaxation of smooth muscles in the penile's cavernosa of the penile (. In 2011 the FDA approved the use of a vibratory stimulator, known as Viberect. Viberect (Reflexonic; Chambersberg, Pennsylvania) to be used in those suffering from ED and those suffering from spinal cord injury in order to trigger Ejaculation ) demonstrated that four of five patients had erections that were rigid enough to allow for the possibility of sexual contact without buckling using the device. Vibratory stimulation is also examined for use as an aid to the recuperation of erectile dysfunction following prostatectomy for prostate cancer. The study randomized patients to daily penile vibration following radical prostatectomy for six weeks. Although not statistically significant the researchers found a higher proportion of patients who attained an IIEF-5 score of at minimum 18 in the vibration stimulation group as compared to the controls (53 percent as compared to. 32 percent; P = 0.07). Future randomized trials are expected to shed information on the function of penile vibratory stimulation in the recovery of ED. Male may use couples vibrators such as the cute bunny vibrators with their partner.

Ejaculation and the genital area vibrates

Penile vibration stimulation has been a widely employed method to induce ejaculation for men who have spinal cord injury , as well as those suffering from multiple sclerosis. (As so, patients suffering from spinal cord injuries that are below level T10 have a less successful rate using penile vibration stimulation (The amplitude of the vibration also appears to play a part and has been proven to predict antegrade success in ejaculation for patients suffering from spinal cord injuries.

Vibratory stimulation could be a suitable alternative to treat excessive ejaculation, as well as delayed ejaculation among men who do not have any prior history of spinal


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