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General sexual health and genital vibration

Jul 05,2022 | Lovevib

General sexual health and genital vibration

The scores of domains for arousal, desire as well as lubrication, sexual desire, and pain were substantially more high in women who had utilized a vibrator in the past month, compared to those who have not used it in the past or were never users in all age categories (aged 18-59 to 60 years). That's true. Vibrators are made for women of all ages. Depending on your own, if you are a new user, you can go for dual vibrators such as the vibrating rabbits. If you are a mature player, simple choose wall dildos. The use of genital vibrators has been linked to increased openness in women's attitudes and thoughts regarding sexual activities in general, as well as about themselves as individuals who are sexually active.

Men who used vibrator were associated with higher scores on four of five domains in the IIEF (sexual desire and erectile function, orgasmic function and intercourse satisfaction) ( 


Vibratory stimulation is an easily affordable and accessible treatment method for both women and men. There is evidence to support its use for anorgasmia and ejaculatory dysfunction, and there is a FDA-approved device for vibration specifically for treating ED. Vibration is strongly associated with the desire to sexually engage and sexual activity. It may be a solution for sexual arousal problems or pelvic floor issues. Additionally, while it is not yet fully researched however, the willingness to allow sexual exploration and/or the ability to communicate sexually as demonstrated by the use of vibrators in couples could improve the satisfaction of relationships and sexuality. Genital vibration can be a solution to treat sexual insufficiency that is related to a myriad of sexual health issues in males and females and an important treatment option for health professionals in treating sexual function issues.


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