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Be Sex Positive

Jul 06,2022 | Lovevib

However, those were not the exact words that were used in the case of Lora DiCarlo, an inclusive, gender-neutral, sex-positive, feminist as well as an LGBTQIA brand of sex toys , after their creation was stripped of their Robotics Innovation Award at the Consumer Electronics Show, a international trade show that takes place annually that takes place in Las Vegas that brings together all the companies who are pushing the technological boundaries. Its Ose A robotic toy for sex that imitates the feel of human fingers tongue and mouth received a high score across all selection criteria, only to be rescinded because of "indecency". Morality isn't something you'd expect from a conference that awards the people who are pushing forward technological advancements.
In the news under #CESgenderbias and outrage has erupted after Ose was literally burned by a stake. The toy, developed by top universities' robotics labs, was designed specifically to delight women and encourage forward the development of female orgasms. According to Lora DiCarlo, the first device that is hands-free vibrator to achieve "the holy grail of orgasms" which is the blended orgasm. It features a mostly female-fronted team, they set out to create new technology that mimics the human experience. In addition to enhancing the personal experiences, it adapts to the body's specific physiology to suit the individual's needs and is therefore hands-free. "We're talking about truly innovative robotics," founer and CEO Lora Haddock stated in an announcement. "We firmly believe that women, non-binary, gender non-conforming, and LGBTQI folks should be vocally claiming our space in pleasure and tech."
Haddock who is the founder of Lora DiCarlo, details that the company that makes VR porn exhibits at CES every year , where people can view porn in full view as people stroll by. She adds that a sex doll designed for males as well as other rabbit women toys have been displayed and won awards in past years. "This double standard makes it clear that women's sexuality is not worthy of innovation," she claims, adding that it's because Ose is an "vagina-focused" product, one which doesn't directly benefit anyone aside from the user as well as "empowers" women, that it is being penalised. The hypocrisy is visceral.
In a conversation with female-led sex toy creators regarding the issue, Ti Chang co-founded Crave Crave, explained the issue back to the basics. "CES is a problem with pleasure, and specifically enjoyment for females. The pleasure bias that is prevalent in CES is only one aspect of a bigger problem that is a result of contemporary tech companies that claim to be innovative and forward-thinking." Chang is the creator of the women vibrating dildos, an sex-themed toy necklace that has been used in the presence of Janet Jackson when accepting the 2018 MTV Global Icon award.

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